Services That Will Keep Your Fire Extinguishers Ready At All Times

Fire is well known to be a dangerous affair when it comes to its consuming ability. It has the capability of taking down an entire house within a matter of hours leaving nothing but ashes and debris. Dealing with fire is also not as easy, especially big fires as they can lead to severe injuries. Such big fires are usually stopped by professional fire brigades who are well aware on the techniques they can apply to control and eventually kill the fire. Small fires, however, are manageable mostly with instruments such as fire extinguishers. These are mostly red cylinders which you can find hanged against house walls, school hallways and even building corridors. The fire extinguishers are used to help prevent small fires from spreading and causing significant losses. They are used as a counter measure intended to stop the fire long before it gets out of hand leading to damages and destruction. As is with every appliance in the house, servicing is essential to ensure that they remain in good working condition. This also ensures that devices such as fire extinguishers do not fail when the necessity of stopping a fire arises. It would be a bummer when going to extinguish a small fire and the extinguisher fails. This can lead to a growth of the fire which may consume the entire house before the arrival of the fire brigade. Some of the services made to the fire extinguishers are outlined below.

  1. Hydro Testing – Considering that the contents of the fire extinguisher have been compressed through the use of pressure, it is imperative to have the cylinder stress tested regularly to ensure that its entire surface is unaltered. The hydro testing will seek to test for the weaknesses as well as the strengths of the cylinder which also includes all unusual deformities and leaks. This is required for the fire extinguisher at least once a year to ensure the cylinder is well maintained to deliver the best of service whenever required.
  2. Fire Extinguisher Recharge Services – The difference which exists between a fully charged fire extinguisher and one that is not well charged could be life or death. This service is mostly done when the fire extinguisher has been used recently or whether the fire extinguisher inspection team realises that your cylinder is low on the extinguishing chemical or pressure. To take care of any fire breakouts, it is important that the cylinder has the right pressure as well as adequate chemicals. The refill should also be conducted by professional fire extinguisher representatives as wrong refills may result in undesired results.